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Invisible Filling or Cosmetic Restoration Hyderabad – Restorations in dentistry were revolutionised after the advent of composite restorations. Composite restorations are aesthetic, durable and have good strength. They are economical options to indirect ceramic laminates and also to indirect inlays. Glass ionomer cement restorations are also white but not as good as composites.

Cosmetic Restorations are broadly divided into:

1. Composite Restorations
2. Glass Ionomer Restorations

The aesthetic properties of a composite are equally important as fluoride-releasing capabilities of a glass ionomer cement. There have been considerable advancements in composite too. Composites are impregnated with fibreglass making them stronger. Inclusions of tints to composite restorations lend them true to life colours.

For one to achieve a true to life restoration or make the restoration completely invisible the anatomy of the tooth needs to be carved post-restoration. This goes without saying that the artistic skills of a cosmetic dental surgeon can add a magic touch where the filling is completely camouflaged. Polishing of the filling or a cosmetic restoration is integral to achieve a barrier-free tooth-filling interface.

Is there something called as an invisible filling in dental?

Tooth restorations which are tooth-like in colour and sculpted to replicate the anatomy can create an illusion as an invisible filling. The advancements in composite restorations have lead dentistry to deliver restorations which are true to life in colour and form.

Why is there a disparity in the cost of an invisible filling or cosmetic filling?

The cost of an invisible filling or a cosmetic filling depends on various factors like:

1. Type of composite or composites used
2. Use of different shades of composites. For example, the body shade can’t be used for an incisal edge and translucent shades can’t be used during masking certain anomalies. The choice for composites is vast. Use of composites with a comprehension of end results, not just based on colour but with an emphasis on replicating anatomy, hue and chroma will help a cosmetic dental surgeon deliver true to life restorations. These kinds of skills would also affect the cost.
3. Use of tints and reinforced components like fibreglass makes a composite or cosmetic restoration true to life and durable which can also affect the cost of a cosmetic filling in Hyderabad

Can cosmetic or invisible filling last a lifetime?

At ALUX DENTAL we believe if the architecture of the broken tooth or the fractured tooth is crafted well and if right materials are used for restoration then a filling will last a lifetime.

Are cosmetic restorations less stronger than amalgam or metal restorations?

Contrary to the assumption, cosmetic or composite restorations are stronger than amalgam restorations. The silver in amalgam reacts to thermal changes and also gets oxidised with time leaving the tooth at the margins. This marginal leakage is susceptible to further secondary decay too. So, it’s a dictum to change a metal filling once in four years whereas composite restorations can last a lifetime.

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