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Covid 19 has forced everyone to a mandatory staycation or some cases work from home. At a time like this some of us may break away from our routines due to the loss of structure in our lives.

Chronic procrastinators at large may find themselves putting off simple tasks such as brushing teeth, using floss, and mouthwash as they no longer need to step out and socialise.

Binge eating is another habit on the rise while everyone’s stuck at home. This deadly combination can and probably will lead to ruckus in your oral cavity.

Owing to all the above, you might find yourself with more plaque and debris stuck to your teeth. Debris in simple terms is bits of food left behind.

While plaque is the soft white material on the surface of your teeth containing food, bacteria & dead cells that forms throughout the day.

Debris and Plaque together can cause tooth decay, gum disease, digestive issues, bad breath and can even discolour your teeth if left for a long period of time. Here are some simple ways you can take care of your teeth:

Don’t Skip Brushing:

The easiest way to rid yourself of these decay causing miscreants is of course to brush your teeth at least once every 12 hours (we don’t know when you’re waking up or when you’re going to sleep these days). Timely alarms can help you ensure this essential step.

Eat Smart:

Another simple hack, is to avoid soft processed foods (especially before bed) that can easily stick to your teeth and instead focus on fibrous crunchy foods that have a scrubbing action on your enamel and easily wipe off any plaque and debris.

Brush to the Beatles:

Rinse your mouth rigorously ever so often and whenever you do brush, make sure you’re brushing for at least two minutes. I pick a music track that lasts exactly 2 minutes and brush away to the beats to make sure I don’t get lazy half way.

Floss and Flix:

Keep a floss stick handy while you’re on a Netflix spree and clean in-between all your teeth.

The magic of Milk:

Drink a glass of milk right before you hit the bed. Make sure you’re not adding any sugar or this might backfire. Casein in milk is not only great for your digestive system but can prevent cavities in your mouth. Casein has the ability to reduce demineralisation of the enamel, which is the first step of any decay and begin to remineralise it.

Wrigley’s can save your teeth:

Find yourself some sugar free chewing gums. They need to be sweetened by non cavity causing sweeteners such as sorbitol. This will improve the flow of saliva and reduce plaque acids.

Adam’s Ale:

Something as simple as drinking enough water can keep your oral hygiene in good shape. Sip water throughout the day and balance the Ph in your mouth, keep away harmful bacteria and bad breath.

If you’re someone who’s willing to use the extra time to brighten up that smile then read our article on at home teeth whitening. You can also read the article on ideal oral hygiene routine to understand if your oral hygiene routine is right for you.

ALUX DENTAL’s doctors are available online throughout the lockdown to address any queries you might have about your teeth.

Stay home and stay safe.

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