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Oral care is important right from the day your child is born. Even if your baby is not on solids and is exclusively breastfed, there is always a possibility for bacteria to grow and thrive in your child’s mouth. Brushing might not be required till he gets his first tooth, but keeping the oral environment clean would help keep germs at bay, and that would, in turn, promote healthy tooth eruption and maintenance in the future.

Additionally, when the baby is comfortable with your finger in his/her mouth, the transition to a toothbrush becomes much easier. Another advantage of incorporating dental hygiene at a very early stage is that it will help your child make brushing a daily routine after the teeth erupt

It’s always recommended to wipe your child’s GUMS after every feed or meal with a soft wet cloth or gauze dipped in warm water. The tongue should also be cleaned in the same manner, at least once in a day, to avoid bad odor. Moreover, when your baby starts to teethe, the feeling of your finger on the gums will counteract the pressure felt by the infant from the about-to-erupt teeth, which has a soothing effect.

When your baby is TEETHING, you may notice constant drooling, which may lead to gum bleeding, chafing, chapping and rashes around her mouth, chin and neck. Cold objects like refrigerated teething toys, cold pacifiers, spoons, and frozen bags can be soothing to the painful gums.

If your kid is above 6 months, you can alternatively give them teething biscuits with natural sweeteners and homemade cold popsicles to alleviate pain. Often dentists also recommend massaging your baby’s gums or letting them bite on a soft cloth.

To conclude, good parenting doesn’t mean giving your kid the right nutrition alone, but the necessary oral health care as well. Do schedule an appointment at ALUX DENTAL for many more tips from the best pediatric dentist in jubilee hills, Hyderabad.

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